To empower people in discovering healing relationships with food, fitness and body image through the unconditional love of God

Faith Based Nutrition Counseling

Looking for some individual support with food struggles? We’re here to help! BodyBLoved registered dietitians are followers of Jesus and highly trained nutrition experts. We can help you improve your health in a variety of ways including your eating habits and patterns, nutrition related health problems**, physical activity, and your relationship with food and your body.

As Christians, we can tailor our nutrition services from a Christian perspective. We are not experts in theology and we do not have a Bible degree, but we do have confidence and faith in what the Lord says to us about food and our bodies.

Here’s a little more about our nutrition counseling philosophies:

B loved

You are His beloved! God made no mistakes when He made your body. We’re constantly bombarded with messages from the media and from even our health care professionals that health is only possible if and when weight loss occurs. It’s simply not true. We’ve scoured the scientific literature, and there are many studies that have found that health outcomes can improve without losing a single ounce.

Research also shows that restricting food and calories to lose weight backfires. It usually results in weight gain and disordered eating. Therefore, our counseling is geared towards helping you heal your relationship with food.

We can talk grocery shopping, meal planning, and how to eat in a way that’s both nourishing and pleasurable. At the same time, we want to help you feel confident and radiant in your body. We were made in His image, and we want to help you see yourself as God sees you – fearfully and wonderfully made!

B accepted

Negative body image affects all of us. In fact, folks at all weights suffer from poor self image. We live in a world full of judgment and shame where beauty is often defined by the scale. Not at BodyBLoved. We believe that beauty, health, and holiness is much more than a pants size. We use what is known as a non-diet approach to support you in finding health and well-being.

We take the focus of the scale and instead help you tune into your body’s cues. You’ll learn to recognize the many signals your body gives you all day long that can guide you in your eating choices and meal timing. Through individually tailored sessions you’ll discover how to become a mindful eater.

Our nutrition counselors believe that judgement, guilt, and shame are not good motivators. At BodyBLoved, you’re accepted just as you are – whatever your size, race, culture, or eating habits. You’ll find no condemnation here.

B free

We will help guide you in becoming free of exercise, food, body and weight obsessions so you can focus on God’s calling in your life. Weather you are struggling with an eating disorder or have been a yo-yo dieter your whole life we welcome the opportunity to work with you to provide you with evidence-based healing and spiritual truth so you can walk into that freedom!

Services we offer: 

We currently are available virtually and in-person. We recommend you sign up for a "pre-consultation" with us first so we can deicde what service is best for you. 

Pre-Consultation – 15 minutes – Free!

Want to chat to hear about our nutrition philosophy to ensure we are a good fit for each other? Is cost a concern for you? Set up a free initial consultation!

Initial Consultation – 60 minutes - **Prices may vary, contact us for pricing

In our first appointment together, we will discuss your health history, eating history, as well as your current concerns.  This goal of this appointment is to gather information about how we can best serve you and getting an idea for some short and long-term goals.

Follow up – 60 minutes - **Prices may vary, contact us for pricing

We will spend most of these appointments talking about your relationship with food and your body as well as steps towards healing and recovery. We will help guide you in setting up sustainable, realistic and individualized behavior changes to improve your health and your relationship with food. We will also support you in your faith journey – reminding you of God’s unconditional love for you and looking to Him for healing and wholeness.

Insurance:  We currently do not accept insurance but may provide a Super Bill depending on the state you live in so you can request reimbursement for the services you received.

Cancellations: There is no fee if appointments are canceled with at least 24 hour notice. If you have a last minute emergency we will accommodate you as well. However if you do not cancel or reschedule your appointment within 24 hours you are responsible for the full cost of the session. 

Financing: If cost is of concern for you please contact us so that we can discuss our sliding scale. 

** Registered dietitians are credentialed practitioners through the Commission on Dietetic Registration (CDR) and are responsible for following the licensing within their state. Depending on where you live this may affect our prices and ability to work with you using nutrition to manage a disease state (also known as Medical Nutrition Therapy). Please contact us to find out more.