Choose a Revolution, Not a Resolution

Choose a Revolution, Not a Resolution

As we approach 2018, I reflect on thoughts that use to enter my mind during this month.

“I wonder how many calories and fat grams are in this Christmas sugar cookie.”  

“I am not going to eat all day so I can splurge at the party tonight.”

“I will eat the sweets and start January 1st with my new workout routine.”  

On January 1st I would make my resolutions. I was a “good girl” and even wrote them down:

  1. Lose weight

  2. No more sweets.

  3. Work out for 2 hours 7 days a week.

Exhale!  In recounting those thoughts and resolutions, I feel exhausted and full of condemnation.  But not today – thank you, Jesus! God has blessed me with the knowledge of the Health At Every Size® paradigm.  He helped me to realize that He already gave me internal cues I can listen to that tell me when and how much to eat. No more calorie counting needed. I praise Him that now, with this new paradigm, I choose activities that are joyful. Now I actually want to be active. Imagine that!

Today I choose self-care of my mind and body…and on most days, not condemnation.  Resolutions were temporary for me.  They usually lasted a month, at best.  And then February would bring guilt and shame about what I SHOULD be doing.   

This year, what do you say we aim for a revolution instead of a resolution?

Mr. Webster defines a revolution as a fundamental change in the way of thinking about or visualizing something: a change of paradigm. So how ‘bout a revolution? A total paradigm shift. Where we move away from the “should” thinking and move towards the “could” thinking.  

Should thinking places us in a paralyzed state of negativity and guilt.  Could thinking moves towards self-love and grace allowing us to have options and flexibility.  Compare these two statements and note how each makes you feel:

“I should just eat one piece of pizza so I don’t gain weight”.  

“I could eat a salad with my pizza to make a colorful and satiating meal.”  

This year, let’s start a revolution of loving the bodies the Lord blessed us with.  This is an invitation to move toward listening and responding to your inner hunger cues.  This is an invitation to replace arduous workout routines with physical movement that we actually enjoy…and even look forward to.  

Join us this year in revolting against the thin = beautiful, healthy, and holy message. We were meant to be different sizes, people. It was no accident. Health, self-care, beauty, and a relationship with Jesus is for all of us – all of our unique little selves. Let’s buck the resolution system this year and spread the word (and THE WORD!) – we are loved as is…end of story.

Instead of setting a weight-focused New Year’s resolution, run after the revolution of embracing and celebrating our differences. Run after body love and self-care practices that are sustainable and enjoyable.

Let’s take the best care of our bodies that we can (given all the shenanigans going on in or lives), while sprinkling in play foods and naps, as needed. It’s time to jump off the diet rollercoaster into a new way of living and being in this world.

We are ready for you 2018 – let the BodyBLoved revolution begin!

Dear Lord – we come asking that You help us change the way we think about our bodies, food, and movement.  Anoint each of us with the desire to change according to Your will and yet embrace the Truth that You love us no matter our size, shape, or what we eat. Guide us towards choices that honor our body, mind, soul, and guide us towards choices that honor You. Amen


Amy is a Graduate Faculty Scholar at Northern Illinois University and a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist. She is blessed with two boys and an amazing husband. Most of all, she is a child of God.  She is humbled to be a disciple who can share in the GOoD news about body, eating and movement. In Jesus name, she asks for freedom and peace for those who struggle with body and eating issues.